• All treatments here are to help either the body or mind become balanced using the different doshas or body types

  • Ayurvedic practitioners diagnose the fundamental imbalances that may be responsible for your symptoms

  • Panchakarma uses body treatments unique to your body type and to your personal needs

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About Viveda

Viveda started in April 2012 in Ottawa when Sebastian Peralta came back from his Ayurvedic training in India. When he returned there was an overwhelming amount of interest from the community to recieve, learn and expereience Ayurveda here in Ottawa. While yoga is very popular here Ayurveda is still becoming known, we are thrilled and excited to be part of that process. 

Although there was no name then, Viveda started by giving the basic Ayurvedic treatments to the few people that knew of Ayurveda. The first treatments were given in a 'shed', a small 5x5ft insulated room in a beautiful backyard in old ottawa east.

Since then it has moved twice and it has grown into a larger home business with more and more people learning, hearing and recognizing Ayurveda. There has been a staggering amount of growth for people interested in Ayurveda since then. More and more people know what it is and where it comes from, and those that dont have probably heard the name at least once in passing. This is mostly because people are beginning to look for natural products and knowledge.

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The 3 Doshas



Composed of the air and ether elements, vata is dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, fast, and clear. As such, Vata regulates the principle of movement. Any involuntary bodily motion like swallowing, nerve impulses, breathing, muscle movements, bowel movements, urination, menstruation. When Vata is out of balance, any number of these movements may be affected.


Pitta brings forth the elements of fire and water. It is sharp, penetrating, hot, light, liquid, mobile, and slightly oily. The Pitta Dosha governs the circulatory system mainly the enzymes and hormones, digestion, pigmentation, hunger, thrist, sight, courage. Your digestion status is one of the ebst ways to monitor your Pitta.


Composed of the elements earth and water. It is heavy, cold, dull, oily, smooth, dense, liquid, stable, hard. Kapha rules overall mucous surfaces, the solidity of the body, sexual power, strength, patience, joint connections. When imbalanced you could see weight gain and depression.

Each Dosha has three states.

  • State of Equilibrium, this is when everything is balanced and healthy.
  • State of Aggravation, this is when one or more of your Doshas is high. For example too much Pitta would cause rashes
  • State of Diminution, this is when one or more of your Doshas is low. For example too little Kapha could cause weakness


This is the Vata Reducing Blend that most people will need in their Kitchen.


This is the staple Ayurvedic treatment, anybody and everybody could use this massage to feel relaxed and refreshed

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  • Immense relief

    Regular Panchakarma treatments with Viveda (massage, shirodara, and others) has provided me with immense relief from the many hours of sitting in front of a computer I do, as well as the stress of mental work and everyday life.

    Kim Hendi

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  • Valuable ayurvedic knowledge

    Sebastian offers his valuable ayurvedic knowledge with a ‘light’ touch, and his expertise is always offered with thoughtfulness and clarity.

    Julia G. ( R.N., M Ed, CIH)

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  • Clarity of mind and emotional resilience

    I've made it a regular habit to go to Viveda and see Sebastian for Ayurvedic treatments, which I find to be as important as regular exercise and good eating habits.

    Bala Freeman

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