Ayurvedic Consultation

ayurvedic consultation

An Ayurvedic consultant is an individual who is trained to conduct Ayurvedic assessments/consultations and make recommendations using Ayurveda. The consultant will determine your Dosha or prakuti. From there he/she will determine the imbalance within your body and mind. Then the consultant can create an individualized treatment plan, which often includes diet, exercise, herbs, yoga, meditation, and massage. The plan generally focuses on restoring balance to one particular Dosha first then moving onto the next (if needed).

What to expect ?

An Ayurvedic Consultation is typically 2 hours long, the reason it is so long is because we need one hour to ask our questions, talk about your complaints and check your pulse, tongue and eyes. The second hour is to talk about things to change in your diet and lifestyle, also to talk about Ayruveda and answer any questions that may arise.

Things you will want to think about before arriving is what your complaints and goals are, what has changed in your life physically and mentally. 

How to prepare ?

The only way to 'prepare' for an Ayurvedic consultation is to be as 'clean' as possible. What that means is not too hungry or starving, if your stomach is too full or empty it will be difficult to find your correct pulse. Not having a very busy or stressful day is helpful as well.

The best time of the day to do a consultation is in the morning, that is when we are at our most calm and open. 

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