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Viveda started in April 2012 in Ottawa when Sebastian Peralta came back from his Ayurvedic training in India. When he returned there was an overwhelming amount of interest from the community to recieve, learn and expereience Ayurveda here in Ottawa. While yoga is very popular here Ayurveda is still becoming known, we are thrilled and excited to be part of that process. 

Although there was no name then, Viveda started by giving the basic Ayurvedic treatments to the few people that knew of Ayurveda. The first treatments were given in a 'shed', a small 5x5ft insulated room in a beautiful backyard in old ottawa east.

Since then it has moved twice and it has grown into a larger home business with more and more people learning, hearing and recognizing Ayurveda. There has been a staggering amount of growth for people interested in Ayurveda since then. More and more people know what it is and where it comes from, and those that dont have probably heard the name at least once in passing. This is mostly because people are beginning to look for natural products and knowledge.


It did not become an actual business until after Sebastian returned from his second trip to India in 2013, when he returned he was able to not only give a few basic treatment but also a number of new treatments, consultations and he began making and selling Ayurvedic Spice blends in markets and festivals.

Viveda is commited to helping people realize how simple it can really be to stay healthy and balanced in our daily lifes. While it can seem like allot when we start, it will become easy to follow and actually quite logical in its day to day use. Viveda wants people to not only come for treatments and products but to also leave with some knowledge that can be passed on. The only way to make a better world for ourselves is for us to become informed in what is out there and what our bodies and minds need to feel balanced and happy.

Viveda is currently in it second full year of business, but really three, and is ready to continue the journey, with everyones help we can expand peoples awareness of the different types of alternative healthcare that are readily availiable for us all.

Come and help Viveda grow and spread the power of Ayurveda.

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