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ayurvedic-practitioner-ottawa1My name is Sebastian Peralta, I am an Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher in Ottawa, Canada. I am a graduate from the School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Kannur India, I became a Ayurvedic Consultatnt & Practitioner. I specialize in a branch of Ayurveda called Panchakarma which is the Ayurvedic detox and rejuvination method.

Come and join me on my journey to spread the wonderful knowledge that is Ayurveda to the West. It is my mission to help people not only learn about Ayurveda but to learn how to incorporate into their everyday lives for themselves and their loved ones. That way you go home with lasting knowledge and infomation to aid you in becoming and staying balanced.

While Ayurveda is part of the culture in India it is only beginning in Canada. It will become one of the leading alternative healthcare modalities in the near future and it deserves to be brought into our lives properly with respect and gratitude.

I have been exposed to the Yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle since I was 4 years old. My Mother, Berdhanya Swami Tierra, is the founder of Club Yoga, a yoga program for children. As I grew up, we would spend every Sunday morning with other children and families playing games and doing Yoga.

I had the fortune to be blessed by several saints, including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Amma. I remember spending many of my summers in the Art of Living ashram in Quebec, playing with the kids during the day and singing at night with the entire community.

Here’s some information about what I have been doing with my life.


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