Clear Sky Spice Blent

This is one of our most earthly rich blends because it is based in turmeric, cocoa and the exotic asofeitida (hing)


Embodiment Blend

This turmeric and cumin based blend is a mix of 13 organic spices from around the world, it is ideal for any Western, South American or Californian dish.


Happy Heart

We have not chosen this name arbitrarily, this blend is based with the organic rich cocoa that adds depth and exotic taste to any savory dish


Spring Rain

The Spring Rain blend is a mix of 11 organic spices to cool your body and mind



This is a hormone balancing blend of spices to help a variety of hormonal issues.


Shirodhara - Mind Massage

Shirodhara is the process of pouring either oil, milk or buttermilk from a bowl in a soothing slow rhythm from side to side on your forehead.


Abhyanga - Classic Massage

The corner stone of Ayurvedic treatments is an Abhyanga massage.


Local Vasti - Local Oleation

This process is called vasti which means ‘retention’


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