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When we produced this blend we were puzzled whether we should include men or not in the name. The truth is, this blend can satisfy all taste buds in the family. The combination of licorice, nettles and ginger are not only fortifying and relaxing but can also be used in western and/or traditional dishes. This blend is one of the few medicines that have health benefits and taste delicious.


This blend is helpful to build strength and rejuvenate the body which helps reduce cramps and pains for all body types. The blend also helps flush out the old hormones and make room for the new hormones to make sure that your body has fresh and strong fighters to keep your body happy and balanced.


Turmeric*, Cloves*, Chili*, Cinnamon*, Cardamon*, Cacao*, Coriander*, Dill, Fennel*, Ginger*, Licorice*, Nettles*, Nutmeg*.


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