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Local Vasti - Local Oleation

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This treatment, Vasti, is a 30 minute treatment done in one area of the body the entire time, but because it focuses on one area only it can be extremely beneficial. This treatment can be done anywhere along the spine or on the knees.

It is especially helpful for any bone related conditions because it goes deep into that area.

We use warm medicated oil depending on what you need and will massage the area afterwards to make sure you get the most amount of oil into your system as possible.

This treatments works especially well when done for multiple consecutive days and/or with other treatments.

  • Alleviates numbness and compression of bones and muscles
  • Strengthens, protects and calms the  muscles and bones
  • Stimluates nerves in the area
  • Especailly useful for local back pain like sciatica
  • Effective treatment for any back or knee pain or stiffness
  • Increases circulation in the area

For best results, book multiple days of the treatment. Ask for your Panchakarma assessment.

  • Stomach half full, not too full and not totally empty
  • Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting oily
  • If possible take the rest of the day easy
  • For best results, book multiple days of massage close to each other. Ask me for your Panchakarma assessment.
  • During the massage you can choose to wear a traditional Indian underwear that I will provide which is for the genital area only, or you can simply wear some of your own.
  • underwear that you don’t mind getting oily, alternatively you can use towels over exposed areas.
  • We recommend you come 5 min early and be prepared to take 5 min to clean up at the end.
  • You will be staying relatively still once the treatment begins.
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