• All treatments here are to help either the body or mind become balanced using the different doshas or body types

  • Ayurvedic practitioners diagnose the fundamental imbalances that may be responsible for your symptoms

  • Panchakarma uses body treatments unique to your body type and to your personal needs

  • Get description from Sebastian

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This is the Vata Reducing Blend that most people will need in their Kitchen.


This is the staple Ayurvedic treatment, anybody and everybody could use this massage to feel relaxed and refreshed

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  • Balanced my body and mind

    Every time I come for a treatment with Viveda I feel I have been given a burst of love and support for myself.

    Berdhanya Swami Tierra

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  • Immense relief

    Regular Panchakarma treatments with Viveda (massage, shirodara, and others) has provided me with immense relief from the many hours of sitting in front of a computer I do, as well as the stress of mental work and everyday life.

    Kim Hendi

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  • Valuable ayurvedic knowledge

    Sebastian offers his valuable ayurvedic knowledge with a ‘light’ touch, and his expertise is always offered with thoughtfulness and clarity.

    Julia G. ( R.N., M Ed, CIH)

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